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Auto-entrepreneur in computing for professionals and individuals. I intervene at home to bring you answers and make computing easier. Multimedia, Digital, the world of technology at home.


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  • Hardware and peripherals according to your needs
  • Using free and open software
  • Protection of your hardware
  • Choosing your telephone and internet options


  • Give a new lease of life to your computer !
  • Diagnostic and full reinstallation.
  • Update software.
  • Data security.


  • Discovery and development of the environment and multimedia
  • Office (word processing, spreadsheet)
  • Using the internet, instant messaging, social networking, the traps to avoid...
  • Editing photos and videos
  • Genealogy database, mail


  • Professional Website, Blog, Wiki
  • Scanning of photos and old movies
  • Book publishing
  • Design photo album
  • video editing

Prices 2024

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Estimates for free.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

€ 60 an hour,

€ 40 half-hour.

Website starting at € 600.


Open since 2009, I'm moving in the north Charente and the border counties. Partial list of cities, villages, hamlets and other towns of the country.

Computer Repair in Charente 16, Charente-Maritime 17, Deux-Sèvres 79, Vienne 86 (Poitou-Charente)
Partial list of cities, villages, hamlets and other towns of the country :

Canton de Villefagnan

Bernac, Brettes, La Chèvrerie, Courcôme, Empuré, La Faye, La Forêt-de-Tessé, Londigny, Longré, La Magdeleine, Montjean, Paizay-Naudouin, Embourie, Raix, Saint-Martin-du-Clocher, Salles-de-Villefagnan, Souvigné, Theil-Rabier, Tuzie, Villefagnan, Villiers-le-Roux

Canton de Ruffec

Les Adjots, Barro, Bioussac, Condac, Couture, Nanteuil-en-Vallée, Poursac, Ruffec, Saint-Georges, Saint-Gourson, Saint-Sulpice-de-Ruffec, Taizé-Aizie, Verteuil-sur-Charente, Vieux-Ruffec, Villegats

Canton d'Aigre

Aigre, Barbezières, Bessé, Charmé, Ébréon, Fouqueure, Les Gours, Ligné, Lupsault, Oradour, Ranville-Breuillaud, Saint-Fraigne, Tusson, Verdille, Villejésus

Canton de Mansle

Aunac, Bayers, Cellefrouin, Cellettes, Chenommet, Chenon, Fontclaireau, Fontenille, Juillé, Lichères, Lonnes, Luxé, Mansle, Mouton, Moutonneau, Puyréaux , Saint-Amant-de-Bonnieure, Saint-Angeau, Saint-Ciers-sur-Bonnieure , Sainte-Colombe, Saint-Front, Saint-Groux, La Tâche, Valence, Ventouse, Villognon


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Adresse : 22 Grand'Rue
16240 Villefagnan

E-Mail :

Portable : 06 31 51 85 06

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